Industry raises €23K for conservation

Funds go towards EOCA target of raising €1m

The European Outdoor Conservation Association (EOCA) received €23,000 (£20,000) from the outdoor trade as a result of initiatives at July’s OutDoor tradeshow in Germany.

Over the four days of the show, various initiatives were undertaken by key brands to raise funds for EOCA.

Vaude asked for donations for washbags on its stand with the bonus of a tube of complimentary hand cream inside, with all washbags gone by the end of the show. Bergans ran an Antarctic competition on its stand to win some rucksacks with every entry posted counting as a €1 donation to EOCA.  

Keen Footwear raised €4,000 on its stand with a combination of sandal, beer mug (with free beer) and ice cream sales.  Polartec organised for the EOCA logo to appear above the main stage at the OutDoor party as well as on the sleeves of 4,500 purple party t-shirts that accompanied the event. 

And for the first time ever, two non-members raised money for EOCA on their stands.  First time exhibitors Timbuk2 and Portuguese NG Wear donated gear to EOCA and, when offered donations for items from their stand, decided to donate the money to EOCA.

The Conservation Fundraiser proved as popular as ever, with €11,000 being collected on the last day alone. 

EOCA said the €23,000 raised at OutDoor for conservation equates to almost one entire project in itself for the 2012 round of funding. 

Holger Bismann, managing director of Patagonia Europe and president of EOCA, said: “This is a tremendous amount to raise in just four days during a very hectic show. 

“Our thanks go to our members for their continual support, as well as to the outdoor industry for getting involved and helping us to raise such an incredible amount for next year’s funding.” 

Tanya Bascombe, joint general manager of EOCA, said: “We are very excited because every extra Euro raised takes us one step closer to our goal next year of raising our first €1m for conservation.”