Introducing Outwell Etna & Fuji Heaters

Chilly mornings and evenings are things of the past when campers take advantage of an Outwell Patio Heater. Equally at home in a tent, awning, extension or in the garden, the 560730V12_01_FujiPatioHeater_OUT12two 230V heaters provide instant warmth through the use of halogen elements that offer safe, odour-free heat while casting a gentle orange glow to drive away the gloom.

Both heaters come with a pre-attached plug on the useful 1.9m cable and the light, strong aluminium casings can be suspended securely using a hanging hook on the end of a sturdy chain. The Etna has one 700W setting whilst the larger Fuji (Pictured right) offers a choice of 600W or 1,500W.

The Etna and Fuji are powered by mains electric brought in from an electric hook-up – now a common feature even on small campsites. Power, light and heat are available at the flick of a switch and can be enjoyed easily by all campers. Plus, of course, mains power allows electronic equipment to be used without relying on batteries.

However, that power must be delivered safely so award-winning innovative family camping brand, Outwell, has developed mains kits, sockets, leads and plugs with family safety as the clear priority, followed closely by convenience and versatility.

650294v15_01_Mains 3way Roller Kit_OUT15Tent campers are serviced by the Mains 3way Roller Kit that comes in two versions. Both are CE Approved and built to IP44 that dictates dust and splash proof standards for plugs and sockets. They feature 15m 3G1.5 cable in a practical roll-up reel with three UK sockets, residual circuit device, circuit breaker and polarity warning light.

The Mains 3way Roller Kit w. USB/light (Pictured left)  also adds two 5V/2100mA USB ports for recharging devices like mobile phones, and a built-in 74 LED light with a single LED night light.

A Conversion Lead provides a safe, simple way to bring electricity to a caravan or motorhome. It comprises 25m 3G1.5 cable with IP44 dust and splash proof plug and socket. Additional Conversion Lead Socket and Conversion Lead Plug provide handy adaptors where use dictates.