Introducing the new Colapz Liquid carrier

Not everyone has the luxury of a big garden or a shed; but that doesn’t mean they should trim their green fingered tendencies. Colapz makes gardening gadgets for those with small outdoor spaces, from courtyards to balconies, container gardens and even allotments that are short on storage space.

With a Watering Can, Bucket, 2 in 1 and now a new liquid carrier, the brightly coloured products fuse practicality and style. They’re ideal for campers and festival goers, as well as gardeners. Camper vans or RVs, where space really is at a premium, just need a hook to hang up the Liquid Carrier, or 2 in 1 Watering Can/Bucket.

Launched this summer the Colapz Liquid Carrier comes in green, purple, red, blue, orange, pink and yellow. With a capacity of 9L it comes with a dispensing tap and level indicator. When it’s not in use the carrier is easy to store, twisting down flat.


With a 9L water capacity the Colapz Watering Can is made from recyclable plastic. It’s frost-proof so won’t crack in winter, is made of long-lasting materials and is UV resistant so its bright colour won’t fade in the sun. Like the Watering Can, the Bucket comes in a range of colours and can be twisted down flat to be easily stored in the garage or kitchen. The 2 in 1 brings both together, with a rose and spout that can be removed. It’s easy to hang up out of the way when it’s not being used.

“We wanted to create a product that’s big on style and practicality but is especially for those where space is at a premium”, explains David Fannin, one of the co-owners of Colapz. “From gardeners and campers the response we’ve had has been phenomenal. As well as being useful we wanted to make the products eye-catching so we’ve chosen a range of shades that brighten up any space”.

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