Introducing Vibram’s New LIFESTYLE collection FW2016.17

Vibram’s international reputation in the outdoor sector, was built in the 1930s, when Vitale Bramani invented the rubber sole that has revolutionized alpinism.

Over the following decades, Vibram has strengthened its leadership developing a range of high-performance products suitable for sports activities, as well as high-quality materials in the repair sector used by cobblers.

Thanks to its know-how, Vibram has subsequently affected other markets that require quality products and, in the 80s, the brand developed the Evaflex and Gumlite materials, thus scoring its debut in the lifestyle sector.

Vibram - Multilite - Copy

Vibram – Multilite

Shoe manufacturers and designers all agree in considering Vibram the ideal partner for high-quality production and for projects that require in-depth expertise in technology, design and performance of the product.

Vibram Multilite 

Women’s medium heel Vi-lite sole with a big volume yet very light weight. The design has the Vibram star lugs, the profile has deep cuts and big volumes inspired by the 90’s comfort trendy shoes.

Vibram - Multiheel - Copy

Vibram – Multiheel

Women’s high heel rubber cupsole with Vibram Lugs with high volume and deep lugs. The sole is perfect for the winter boots and amphibians in city conditions. The sole has a perimeter that gives possibility to insert welt

Vibram Multiwedge

Women’s high wedge made with light PU wedge and rubber outsole. The lugs are Vibram star lugs with exaggerated volumes and deep cuts. The profile is aggressive yet feminine with the two color aspect.

Vibram Multistomp

Vibram -  Multistomp - Copy

Vibram – Multistomp

Men’s blocker in PU and Rubber. The sole has a big volume and deep “multistomp” lugs with the highlights of yellow Vibram logos. The sole has a very strong Vibram identity magnified in size and style. This sole has a great cushioning due to soft and PU midsole and rubber outsole in different compounds for the city conditions.

Vibram Multigum Men’s blocker in Gumlite.

The design is made of Vibram “Multistomp” lugs, big volume, deep lugs yet light thanks to Gumlite compound. The design is following the biomechanical “S” and the perimeter lugs are extended for a more versatile dyecutting. This sole is perfect for the city use and is responding the latest trends in men’s shoes styles.

Vibram Multistomp

Super thick Blocker in Vibram® Gumlite compound with lugs exagerated in height. The traditional Vibram Carrarmato lug is positioned along a linear plane to give the sole vertical and horizontal flexibility.

Vibram Caserta

Men’s cupsole in Vi-lite compound for maximum lightness. The sole had a clean profile with deep grooves for flexibility. The bottom design is linear and clean with stripes effect. It has a nice comfortable volume on the heel that goes slimmer on the forefoot giving the sole a dynamic yet elegant look.

Vibram Golfo

Men’s cupsole in Vi-lite compound for maximum lightness. The sole has a big volume with a sneaker look. It is perfect for light fashion sneakers as well as simple classical uppers. The bottom design is made of Vibram octagons and deep cuts for flexibility. The sole in the medial had a shank support, higher than the lateral side.

Vibram Torino

Men’s blocker in Gumlite compound. The sole has a geometrical and regular design. The perimeter is versatile for different die-cutting . The profile has a low ripple effect.

Vibram Edo

Men’s rubber cupsole designed for casual and repair market. The honeycomb in the heel gives a good shock absorption for walking. The profile has a fake welt. The design of the bottom has big center lugs for traction in winter conditions and grooves for water draining on the perimeter.