Isbjörn continues its sustainability pledge for SS20 season

For Spring/Summer 2020 season, premium technical and eco-conscious outdoor childrenswear brand, Isbjörn of Sweden, continues its commitment to making the most sustainable outdoor clothing and accessories for the young adventurers of tomorrow.

The first outdoor childrenswear brand to become a bluesign®system partner, Isbjörn’s green promise to future generations is to provide them with the most sustainable, long-lasting “no compromise” products, so they can both enjoy and protect their outdoor playground.

One of the key product focuses for SS20, Isbjörn’s range of fluorocarbon-free shell jackets for kids and teens, which also include grow cuffs to add an extra 3cm to the arms for prolonged use. Designed to last, these durable waterproof jackets can be handed down to younger siblings, friends and family, so they too can stay safe and enjoy outdoor activities.

The shell range includes Storm Hardshell Jacket for kids, Monsune Hardshell Jacket for teens and the ultra-stylish Cyclone Hardshell Parka. For the ultimate young adventurer, there’s also the three-layer Expedition Range which emulates the performance of any top adult equivalent. The shell range features Bionic-Finish® ECO durable water repellent treatment, that does not release any harmful fluorocarbons into the atmosphere.

Cyclone Hardshell Parka in Saffron                   Monsune Hardshell Jacket in Bordeaux

Osborn’s SS20 range also includes the hardwearing Tencel Tee Shirt range, which uses TENCEL® as it’s a natural fibre from a fast-growing wood species and the material is more absorbent than cotton, softer than silk and cooler than linen. The mountain and earth designs appeal to the coolest outdoor teenager.

Maria Frykman Forsberg, one of the founders and CEO of Isbjörn, commented: “This is the second season using our new brand identity which encompasses our commitment to empower and equip future generations of outdoor adventurers while caring for the planet they explore. We will also continue to use our Green @Heart swing tag on all our garments, as this was the reason Camilla and I set up Isbjörn in the first place 15 years ago.”

Maria continued: “We will never stop striving to create the best environmentally-kind products but with no compromise on performance. This includes our pledge to use only recycled Nylon in all of our shell and padded outer garments from 2021, to increase the lifecycle of our waterproofs.”