ISKO is back at Performance Days with ISKO Arquas™ 5.0, the latest generation of its innovative fabric collection for performance and outdoor apparel.


Stretching the limits of sport and fashion – once again. ISKO Arquas™, the ultimate fabric collection combining ISKO’s expertise in woven technologies with sportswear and activewear innovation, is ready to inspire brands and designers around the world with its version 5.0.

From its very creation, the ISKO Arquas™ platform has been bending the rules of fashion, activewear and outdoor with its performance-focused innovative fabrics. Greatly influenced by ISKO’s expertise in woven technologies, in addition to current sports and active apparel innovation, ISKO Arquas™ includes unique textile concepts created to become the essential ingredients for the sportswear and activewear industries. These fabrics deliver superior performance and stand out in the industry as they are all woven – even though many of them have the look and hand feel of knitted fabrics – providing greater durability and recovery.

With the release of the ISKO Arquas™ 5.0, the bar has been raised again. To demonstrate the different potential end uses of these cross-functional fabrics, ISKO created five main categories, underlining many different applications. This way, designers and buyers can appreciate the huge potential of the platform.

  • ACTIVE: these fabrics are suitable for almost all sports from yoga to fitness to running,whetherathighorlowTheyperfectlyfulfillthetechnicalrequirementsoftheathleisureandperformance-wear markets.
  • OUTDOOR:outdoorclothingmustprotectthewearerfromtheelementsofnaturewhileonthemountainortheTherefore, there are extraordinary demands on comfort, durability, waterproofness and breathability, which make the fabrics ideal for hiking and trekking in any weather.
  • HYBRID: these products combine technical performance features with a streetwear attitude. Versatile layers that help you to stay warm and dry in cold weather. Water- repellent jackets, windproof hoodies and jogging pants that can look good on your camping trip or on the way to
  • GOLF: for the perfect golf swing, maximum mobility is an indispensable These fabrics offer just that: outstanding quality for comfort and athletic performance. With our patented woven technology you have freedom of movement for optimum performance and luxury on and off the course.
  • HORSERIDING: extreme agility is required to be one with the These fabrics offer the durability, comfort and maximum flexibility needed. They create a new era for the contemporary equestrian who is looking for fashion, fit, performance, and style.

Countless ISKO™ technologies, already a benchmark in the world of denim, are to be found in the ISKO Arquas™ platform, each selected to bring specific benefits. Among these, ISKO Blue Skin™ enables unrivalled freedom of movement thanks to its 4-way stretch technology.

Durable and comfortable, ISKO Blue Skin™ features 3D shaping technology and holding power for a slimmer, toned look with superb shape recovery.

The platform includes fabrics with performance properties such as wind protection, water repellency and UV protection. Stain repellency, antibacterial and anti-odour characteristics are featured as well. The latest high-performance finish powered by ISKO, ISKO Ultradry™, ensures that moisture levels against the skin are kept to a minimum and also encourages speedy surface evaporation. Providing comfort as well as style, it stands out from other wicking fabrics due to its cotton hand feel.

It doesn’t end there: selected fabrics within the ISKO Arquas™ collection are part of ISKO Earth Fit™, the only fabric collection in the world to have received the strict Nordic Swan Ecolabel and EU Ecolabel certifications. Embracing articles from all the ISKO collections, ISKO Earth Fit™ uses innovative and responsible fibers such as organic cotton, recycled cotton and recycled polyester from PET bottles.


About ISKO™

As a world-leading ingredient brand, ISKO is the only denim mill in the world to have been awarded both

the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and the EU Ecolabel. The company has a production capacity of 250 million

meters of fabric per year with 1,700 high-tech automated looms. ISKO has a global presence, with offices

in 35 countries, and is part of SANKO TEKSTIL, the textiles division of the SANKO Group. The SANKO

Group is one of the largest conglomerates in the world, active in a wide range of sectors from

construction and energy, to packaging, financial services, health care and education. It is also a major

investor in renewable energy, including hydroelectric and wind power plants.

ISKO is a trademark of SANKO TEKSTIL.