ISPO Munich to focus on “Health, Physical Activity and Sport”

ISPO Munich is the most important event in the calendar for the international sports business. In January 2018, over 2,800 exhibitors showcased their products at the leading international trade fair spread across 16 halls, however, the 2019 event will boast an extra two halls. The multi-segment trade fair will feature all industry highlights for the upcoming year and provide manufacturers, brands and sports retailers with plenty of space for meetings and networking. Set across 18 halls for the first time ever, the main focus in 2019 will be on “Health, Physical Activity and Sport.” However, other topics under the spotlight at ISPO Munich will include “Digitalization” and “Women in the Sports Business.” ISPO Munich will be held from February 3 to 6, 2019.

 ISPO Munich attracts industry representatives from all around the world. In 2018, around 84,000 industry professionals from 120 countries attended the event in Munich. With international exhibitors accounting for 68 per cent of all exhibitors and international visitors accounting for 88 per cent of all visitors, last year the world’s largest trade fair for the sporting goods industry became an even more global affair. Spread across a total surface area which, for the first time ever, will reach 200,000 square meters the next ISPO Munich will be the perfect place to gather information, hold meetings and network. There will be plenty of talking points, from the latest textile and sports equipment trends and innovative outdoor and fitness products right through to digital concepts and women in the sports business, making ISPO Munich an essential platform for all sports professionals. The hall concept, which was first enhanced in 2018, will include two new halls in 2019 (C5 and C6), creating even more space for showcasing products, innovative developments and inspirational new ideas. Visitors can look forward to discovering a broad range of exciting new developments in the Health & Fitness, Outdoor, Snowsports, Trends, Innovation & Industry Services, Manufacturing & Suppliers, Vision, Team sports, and Urban segments. Individual focus areas within the segments will also an emphasis on specific topics such as Body & Mind and Snow & Safety.

Key topics: “Health, Physical Activity and Sport,” “Women in the Sports Business” and “Digitalization” 

Recent studies such as those issued by the World Health Organization (WHO) in September 2018 show that physical inactivity is a global problem. Yet physical exercise is important, strengthens and invigorates the body and promotes wellbeing – in short, it keeps you healthy. Sport is an important and essential part of this. ISPO Munich will, therefore, be focusing on “Health, Physical Activity and Sport” within the context of a range of different topics, which are currently driving the industry and are important to sports enthusiasts. The spotlight in Munich will be firmly on the latest sports trends and products. The trade fair will also demonstrate how digital developments can be used to provide new incentives to encourage people to take up sports. Thanks to its multi-segment portfolio, ISPO Munich will generate new enthusiasm for sports and offer brands and manufacturers the opportunity to showcase their products and services in a diverse setting. Sports retailers will also be provided with the necessary know-how, for example through digital retail solutions, to enable them to continue to provide customers with professional service and support in the digitalization age.

ISPO Munich is also continuing to follow and support developments in the area of Women in the Sports Business, where key discussion topics include “women in leadership positions” and “women as a target group.” The latter is particularly exciting for retailers as women are becoming increasingly interested in sports. However, they have specific needs and requirements that need to be met. Industry representatives, both male and female, will be discussing these topics in the “Women’s Lounge,” establishing new contacts and demonstrating how the world of female sports professionals has developed in recent years and what the future has in store. As usual, tours of the trade fair will be organized as well as a program of speeches and presentations to choose from. Male attendees are also encouraged to visit the lounge and be part of the audience in order to promote the exchange of information and drive developments further.

With regard to the digital transformation within the sports industry, with ISPO Digitize, for the first time ever, a platform has been created, which addresses solutions for digitalization. Initially launched as an exhibition area as part of ISPO Munich 2018, ISPO Digitize was first presented to an interested audience as a standalone event in the form of the ISPO Digitize Summit in the summer of 2018. The enhanced trade fair platform will be set up in Hall C6 at ISPO Munich 2019, concentrating on digital topics ranging from wearable tech trends and digital retail solutions right through to digital procurement management and marketing. Industry professionals in attendance will also be treated to demonstrations and examples of best practice.

18 halls dedicated to the sports business

Thanks to the inclusion of the two new halls (C5 and C6), ISPO Munich 2019 will be able to provide visitors with even more extensive information in a growing number of interesting fields. Hall C6 will play host toISPO Digitize in the enhanced trade fair format with exhibition space and a supporting conference in the tried-and-tested ISPO Academy format. In addition to information and tangible products and services for product managers and developers, sales and marketing reps and retailers, the platform will demonstrate how sports professionals can use the technological transition to their advantage and ensure cross-industry cooperation. The Wearables Technology Conference taking place in the same hall will provide market insights, present the latest research findings regarding IoT (Internet of Things) devices and bring business developers and sales teams right up to speed. Also in Hall C6, the ISPO Academy will be taking audiences on a journey into the sports business of tomorrow with an extensive program of speeches and presentations held across all four days of the trade fair. Bloggers and influencers will also be able to enjoy a separate lounge here with a great atmosphere where they can network with exhibitors and like-minded individuals.

Industry professionals attending the fair will find the latest ISPOTextrends in Halls C4 and C5. The growing market is developing innovative materials and fabrics for the upcoming sports year, which will be extensively showcased in two Textrend forums. Product managers and designers will find exactly what they’ve been looking for here.

Brand representatives won’t want to miss out on Halls C1 to C3. All the latest developments in the areas of procurement management, production and processing of raw materials will be presented here within the context of sourcing, manufacturing and supply chains. The manufacturing industry relies on flawless value chains in order to meet growing demand for insulating materials and breathable and water-repellent fabrics.

The redesigned Hall B5 will house all ski brands under one roof. This hall will be an integral part of the Snowsportssegment, which will be spread across Halls B1 to B6, ensuring that plenty of room is dedicated to winter sports. The portfolio that leading international brand manufacturers will be showcasing here will cover skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing and sledding as well as related clothing and accessories. Exhibitors and customers will also be able to hold meetings and discussions in the lounge area. Important focus areas will also include customization and the fitting of winter sports products.

The Outdoor segment, which is a key part of ISPO Munich, will be located in Halls A1 to A4. Mountaineering, water sports and other activities in the great outdoors are set to continue to be extremely popular in 2019. ISPO Munich will be dedicating more exhibition space to the Health & Fitness segment in Halls A5 and A6 and, as such, will be reflecting the continued boom in this area by covering topics such as athleisure, nutrition and fitness training.

ISPO Award and ISPO Brandnew – pioneering supporting program

The world’s largest trade fair for the sports industry is also an annual opportunity for unveiling the latest innovative developments. Products, which have won the ISPO Award, not only indicate what the next trends are likely to be and hint at what direction the sports business is likely to take in the future, but will also be on display in the relevant segment halls of the trade fair for all to marvel at. Located in Hall B5, ISPO Brandnewwill be perfectly positioned to shine the spotlight on the industry’s start-ups and founders who represent the latest driving forces in the sports world.

ISPO Munich reaches out to sports enthusiasts

ISPO Munich has always been and continues to be a trade fair for professionals. However, in order to include consumers more, for the second time ever ISPO Munich is organizing the ISPO Munich Sports Week. Munich-based sports retailers can capitalize on the draw of ISPO Munich and issue invitations to events themselves in order to bolster contact with customers. When the ISPO Munich Sports Week was launched last year, for an entire week the city truly caught the sports bug, with the ISPO Munich Night Run through the Olympiapark attracting around 530 participants. A total of 11 partners and around 2,000 enthusiastic sports fans took part in the approx. 35 activities held throughout the retail week.

Trade visitors can enjoy free WiFi, an app and attractive ticket prices

There’s no better way to plan your visit than with the ISPO Munich app. One of its great features is that it can filter relevant information, such as events and exhibitors, by user and present it clearly. Free WiFiwill also be available at the Messe München trade fair centre for added convenience and to ensure that the event runs smoothly.

ISPO Munich’s new ticket model is particularly beneficial for sports retailer. Combined together in the same price segment, retailers, wholesalers and distributors can purchase day tickets from EUR 19. Other trade visitor groups such as product managers, designers, accessories manufacturers, suppliers or event agencies and sports facilities’ operators can purchase tickets from EUR 69.

 Facts & figures

Event location: Messe München

Dates: February 3 to 6, 2019

Opening hours: Sunday, February 3 to Tuesday, February 5, from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Wednesday, February 6, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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