IZZO Unveils New ‘One-Up’

Izzo, the leading innovator in golf carry bags, have followed up the announcement that 100% of their 2007 Golf Carry Bag range will utilise the new ‘One-Up Dual Strap System’ with the introduction of their new entry price carry bag – the Zvago (Italian for Delight). Featuring the One-Up Dual Strap System, an 8 Way Divider he new carry bag was unveiled at the recent Izzo UK Sales Meeting at Mere Golf & Country Club in Cheshire.
Commenting on the reaction, Gary Norcott (UK Sales Manager) said, ‘We felt that we had a winning combination with this new product but the proof of the matter would always be the reaction from our sales team. Quite simply I have never seen a reaction like it – they believe that this is the start of another golden era for Izzo within golf and were literally calling their accounts from the meeting to tell them the news.” Retail Price Points for the Izzo Zvago Carry Bag range is £59.99.

For more information contact Izzo on +44 (0)161 544 505