Kendal Outdoor Retail Show 3-4 July 2018


While recognising the arguments that have been put forward towards creating a single major UK trade show, the KORS organisation has decided to continue with its Kendal show on 3-4 July 2018. KORS believes this is a positive, forward-looking decision, based on its close understanding of the current – and future – retail landscape. Independent retailers are under pressure; they don’t want to travel far, and they want quality time with brands. Having canvassed opinion extensively with retailers and exhibitors, it is clear there is a continued demand for the KORS model of a no-frills, focused technical outdoor show based in Kendal. It’s a proven formula. It would be great to think there is a simple solution that brings the whole industry together, however, there is a reality in how the sales landscape has changed, how retailers want to make buying decisions, and how KORS believes this will continue to evolve. Feedback confirms the strong demand for KORS to continue, so the organisers look forward to welcoming retailers to a busy, successful KORS show in 2018.