Lyon Equipment to distribute Steripen

Lyon Equipment

Lyon Equipment has confirmed that, due to the Katadyn Group acquisition of Steripen, it will take up the future UK distribution of Steripen branded products.

Katadyn Group acquired the assets of Steripen, and its makers Hydrophoton, on 31 July 2017. Katadyn Group already owns many well-known brands including Katadyn, Optimus and Trek’n Eat.

Roger Walch, Head of Sales at Katadyn Group, says “This acquisition makes sense for the Katadyn group for a number of reasons. First, above all, Katadyn has long admired Steripen products, especially for travel and virus removal. Steripen already has a strong consumer following, and excellent reputation and Katadyn Group is confident that its global sales and marketing will expand demand for Steripen.

“Katadyn Group is dedicated to improving overall service, marketing, in store and online support and increased sell-through for the brands we own. Our Kaizen philosophy of ‘Constant Improvement’ is a thread in all we do. Our intention with each new brand/company we acquire is to take all that is good and continue to improve on it.”

Katadyn Group is focused on continued product development of UV purification devices and technology, and currently already has a commercial UV purification division, Aquafides, within its portfolio.

Lyon Equipment will be showing Steripen products from this autumn/winter season in its Tebay showroom, and at 2018 shows starting with Snowbaw in Edinburgh.