Masters Introduce New Range of Junior Bags and Trolleys

The Masters Golf Company has developed two bags specifically with youngsters in mind, once again demonstrating its commitment to the junior game: the MB-JS110 stand bag, and the MB-JT110 trolley bag.

The stand bag has a 6.5 inch top with a sixway divider, and is available in small, medium and large, for youngsters of different ages. The weight has been kept as low as possible, to make it easier for juniors to handle – the large bag weighs only 1.4kg, with the medium and small versions correspondingly less.
It contains many of the features of an adult bag, with a tee-holder and tees, an integrated grab handle, full clothing pocket, water-resistant valuables pocket, internal phone pocket, ball pocket and dual carry-strap and umbrella holder. The pockets are all indicated by neat motifs to show users where to store their waterproofs, phones, pens, and so forth. The MC-JS110 costs just £29.99.

The trolley bag also boasts a six way divider, and the same 6.5 inch top. Available in the same sizes as the stand bag, the large one weighs 1.4kg and enjoys the same features as the stand bag, with corresponding medium and small options.

The Trolley Selection

Masters also offer two junior trolleys. The MT-J700 pull trolley is a great performer on course, being lightweight, easy to handle, and with a fully adjustable bag bracket to fit many bag heights and widths. And it’s a star performer off-course too – easy to handle and lift in and out of car boots, and simple to assemble, with no straps or bungies to wrestle with, as the bag remains on the main frame. It is very compact to store, taking up a fraction of the space used by a conventional trolley and bag, and costs £69.99, representing an excellent investment for a child who is more serious about golf, as it will fit and last him for several years.

Meanwhile, Masters’ entry level trolley is the MC-J110, which is light and strong, and fully adjustable, with three bag supports to fit all sizes of bag. Ideal for junior beginners, this trolley will only set parents back £24.99.

“Our priority is to make the logistics of golf as easy and safe as possible for children, bearing in mind their smaller frames,” explained Colin Christison, UK sales director for Masters. “We provide all the junior equipment for the Young Masters Golf training programme, and really care about the development of the youth game.”

As with all Masters’ products, retailers stand to gain too, with trade prices designed to enable them to double up on the RRP. Moreover, Masters’ 24-hour turnaround and one-stop shop facility, consumer TV and magazine advertising, and in store POS, all combine to make Masters the number one choice for all retailers’ value ranges.