New bottle to up sales

Spearrmark Housewares predicts strong sales of new bottle combining water filtration and freezer stick technology

Spearmark Housewares has predicted strong sales of its EZ-Freeze Pure reusable water bottles, which combine freezer stick technology with a water filtration system.

EZ-Freeze Pure bottles are available in four different volumes and with a two-piece filter replacement pack. Each filter is designed to remove chlorine odour and taste from up to 120 gallons of tap water, costing 0.7p per litre.

Spearmark Housewares said this provides a ‘convenient, eco-friendly and cost-effective way’ to carry chilled water when partaking in sports, or at work or school.

A Spearmark Housewares spokesperson said: “EZ-Freeze Pure is ideal for all sports men and women providing a greener and healthier replacement to bottled water and an ‘on the go’ alternative to house-bound filter jugs.

“By switching from bottled water to an EZ-Freeze Pure bottle consumers can save money and help reduce the mountains of plastic being landfilled each year.