New design award for Haglöfs

Swedish outdoor company Haglöfs has won yet another design award as its mountain backpack ROC HELIOS 25 has been chosen Winner in the Industry Outdoor Awards 2015.  The award was  presented to Haglöfs at Outdoor, Friedrichshafen 2015, the leading international trade show for the outdoor industry held July 15-18th.

In Spring/Summer 2016, Haglöfs will be introducing its new concept, Mountain Ultimate. This concept, which has been in development for a number of years, targets one of the strongest trends among experienced climbers in the Alps and the type of climbing that many mountain guides would prefer to do – getting up and down the mountain as quickly as possible and with as little equipment as possible without jeopardizing safety in any way. Up to the top and back, and still home for dinner.

The new Mountain Ultimate backpack is called ROC HELIOS 25 and has been developed in close cooperation with Haglöfs Friends. A person who has had a major influence on ROC HELIOS 25 is Jacopo Bufacchi, mountain guide (UIAGM), mountain rescue expert and extreme skier, and employed by Haglöfs for about a year as a Technical Design Advisor.


“While developing Mountain Ultimate, phrases such as ‘lower weight’, ‘more strength’, ‘climb higher’ and ‘go faster’ guided us in our work. We are now seeing the results in the form of minimalistic, uncompromising products in which every feature has been carefully evaluated. Material that weighs as little as possible yet is still durable and able to withstand the challenges it is exposed to during a climbing expedition. And a snug design that still offers a comfortable fit” said Jacopo Bufacchi.

ROC HELIOS 25 is a minimalist’s dream and has only a few, very exact features. It goes to great lengths to meet the needs of people who want to prioritize speed in their climbing. ROC HELIOS 25 is an ultralight backpack made from Dimension Polyant X-pac – the same durable material found in LEX, Haglöfs’ most advanced backpack in its Trekking Pro line. ROC HELIOS 25 holds the absolute essentials – things that must accompany you up the mountain – and sits where it should during the entire climb.

ROC HELIOS 25 will not be available in the stores until Spring/Summer 2016 but has already now been chosen Winner in the prestigious Outdoor Industry Awards 2015. The award was presented to Haglöfs during Outdoor Friedrichshafen 2015, the leading international trade show for the outdoor industry, which takes place July 15-18, 2015.

“We are so excited to receive yet another award for our design, and in particular for a backpack that we have had so close to our hearts for a very long time. We are very proud!” concluded Jacopo Bufacchi.