New EU Eco Laws Mean Your New Waterproofs May Not Perform as well as Your Old Kit – Maintain Performance while Staying Eco-friendly with STORM

Upcoming European environmental legislation means outdoor clothing brands are starting to change the way they manufacture waterproofs; meaning it’s likely your new jacket won’t perform as well as your old one. Leading cleaning waterproofing and aftercare brand STORM offers an effective, economical and eco-friendly solution to maintaining the waterproof performance of your new kit – helping it to perform better for longer.

Coming into effect in the next few years, the new legislation will ban the use of environmentally controversial perfluorinated chemicals (PFCs), which are currently used to apply a high-performance Durable Water Repellent (DWR) finish to clothing and gear.

However, with more eco-friendly replacement DWR ingredients proving to not be as effective as PFC-based treatments, newer kit will deliver reduced waterproof performance once they start becoming masked with dirt and oil from regular use. This means outdoor enthusiasts will find themselves having to reproof kit sooner and more often than before; resulting in more water and energy being used – an environmental issue in itself.

STORM is the first and only brand to offer a cleaner and waterproofer that can be used in the same wash cycle; using less water and energythan other products on the market. STORM’s Cleaner (SRP £5.75 for 300ml) and effective yet eco-friendly PFC-free Eco+ Proofer (SRP £12 for 300ml) lets you clean, refresh and restore the waterproof performance of your gear in just three easy steps; ensuring your kit delivers the same protection it did when you bought it. STORM’s one-wash system is not only kinder to the environment, but also to the garment – through less washing damage.

STORM’s Eco+ Proofer formula has been noted, praised and recommended for its high level of resistance to abrasive damage – which is significant in maintaining waterproof performance – in the important industry report ‘Chemistry for any Weather’*; making it the eco product of choice.

STORM Cleaner features:

  • Specially formulated for technical outerwear and equipment
  • Lifts dirt, grime and contaminants from fabrics without damaging the manufacturers original DWR treatment
  • pH neutral for safe use at home and unaffected by different water types
  • Suitable for all materials
  • Use in the detergent compartment

STORM Eco+ Proofer features:

  • Advanced and patented heat curing PFC-free proofer that restores original waterproof performance to all outerwear
  • Offers great waterproofing levels and outstanding levels of abrasion resistance, giving a lasting finish
  • Non-marking application
  • Use in the conditioner compartment
  •  First line-dry the garment then tumble dry for 20 minutes or iron without steam. This will cure the garment for maximum performance

Information about the full range of STORM products can be found on the website: