New idea set to save UK charities more than £100,000 this year

A former London Marathon associate has teamed up with Crewroom to launch a new scheme that will save UK charities an estimated £100,000 this year

The money-saving scheme already involves dozens of charities across the country forming a ‘buying supergroup’ that enables them to order high-quality race shirts and vests in bulk at low prices.

The man launching the initiative is Mark Ussher, co-founder of Run for Charity, an organisation dedicated to supporting UK charities and their runners. He’s joined forces with Crewroom, who are official race shirt suppliers to popular high-profile races such as the Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon and Ultra.

Ussher, 32, Run for Charity’s new business and partnerships director, said: “This scheme is just plain common sense and is based on the ‘strength in numbers’ principle.

“We’re starting with race shirts but the idea in the future will be to reduce costs for charities using a number of new and innovative methods.

“After analysing the struggles charities face in regards to buying quality running vests and T-shirts for their devoted supporters, we wanted to try and do something to help.

“Following the philosophy, we came to the conclusion that charities need to work together to reduce costs and increase quality. It’s common sense that the more vests we order, the cheaper they become.”

The scheme is thought to be the first “buying supergroup” of its kind within the sector. Over 50 charities have already signed up for the Run for Charity programme, including Great Ormond Street Hospital, The Alzheimer’s Society and Dreams Come True.

Kate Giles said: “Crewroom supplies sportswear to organisations around the world and we also have many clients in the UK. It strikes us that, at the moment, many British charities are buying cheap running shirts at a premium price.

“Often the vests are poor quality too, which is a shame. We’re delighted to support Mark and Run for Charity with this initiative. Because of the quantities involved, we can supply a high-quality garment while keeping prices low.

“The charities we’ve spoken to through Run for Charity all agree that makes sense and are pleased to order through us in bulk.”