New Jacket Launch from Kathmandu

Kathmandu have just launched their new, Heli Thermore Jacket made from Ecodown. While down remains a favourite for those seeking warmth in their jackets, it isn’t your only choice when it comes to insulation.

Ecodown is a synthetic down option that can keep you warm, even in damp conditions – and Thermore™ is a leading player in this field. Synthetic down insulation is the best of both worlds – embracing the versatile, sustainable threads of synthetic down insulation, with the warmth and loft that down offers.

Synthetic down insulation is created from 100% recycled polyester. Post-consumer PET bottles are broken down into resin and reinvented as polyester fibres. These ultrafine fibres become the fill-in Kathmandu’s Heli Thermore Ecodown jacket, trapping warmth within air pockets and mimicking the insulating effects of down.

 Benefits of Kathmandu’s Heli Thermore (Ecodown) Jacket:

  • PETA approval as a vegan product
  • 100% recycled fibre fill
  • Drying quicker than a standard down jacket
  • bluesign® approval to ensure environmental friendliness