Award-winning outdoor equipment manufacturer, Robens, has launched a Lite range of quick, easy-to-pitch technical tents to meet the challenges of a wide range of outdoor activities where weight and pack size are critical, with space and features pared to the minimum comfort and safety requirements needed for fast action adventures. The range comprises of three tents: the one-person 1.17Kg Goldcrest 1 (pictured below right); the two-person 1.33kg Goldcrest 2; and the two-person 830g Swift tarp tent (pictured below left).

A key feature that sets these tents apart is the use of the unique Robens HydroTex AWT-LT 20D ripstop polyester fabric that has been siliconised both sides to ensure an uncompromised 2,000mm hydrostatic head and all-weather tension.

Polyester is chosen over nylon for its hydrophobic properties that prevent the fibres absorbing water. This means a Robens Lite tent stays taut and stable in wet conditions, eliminating flapping and sagging that damages the tent and compromises a fabric’s waterproof properties. The excellent 9kg+ (ISO:13937-5) tear strength of the Robens fabric over that normally associated with lightweight tents adds to the Lite range’s longevity associated with its inherent UV-resistance.

Easy-to-adjust Clamcleats are used throughout to simplify pitching and fine-tuning while ensuring any adjustments stay fixed solid no matter the weather. While the Swift is pitched using walking poles (not supplied), the two Goldcrest models use a #7001 T6 aluminium alloy Yunan main pole that’s off-set to increase useable headroom, with two Yunan carbon fibre poles at the feet. Internal pole sleeves minimise wind resistance and standing water or snow.

Both wedge-shaped transverse Goldcrest tents have a main door that opens onto a useful porch area, while the larger version also features a rear door that opens directly onto the inner. All inner tent doors are mirrored by mesh panels. The Swift provides a quick-pitch

guy-less simple shelter using two walking poles and the tension generated by the six pegging points. It is supplied with a loose lightweight groundsheet.

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