Nike Golf introduces its newest footwear technology, the Nike Power Platform, as featured in the new SP-6 II and SP-6 Border footwear. Wearing footwear with this revolutionary new technology will result in better balance, smoother weight transfer and a stronger push through impact, and golfers will experience new traction and comfort in their feet.
Tested by the owner of one of the most powerful golf swings in the world, Tiger Woods, the Nike Power Platform generates just that – power. By wear testing several early prototypes, Woods was instrumental in the development of the new technology and design. Nike Power Platform is an outsole that comprises four vital technologies, all of which provide Total Traction with Nike Golf’s fifth generation of the Traction @ Contact technology; and Total Comfort, which is a combination of flexibility, cushioning, weight-reduction and waterproof technology. The four technologies include the Nike Power Channel; Forefoot Flex Channel; Medial (Inside) Push Plate and the Lateral (Outside) Stability Plate.

New to the Sports Performance range this season is the SP-6 II. With all of the technological advances you would expect from footwear that bears the Swoosh, the SP-6 II marries comfort with durability to produce a strong, supple shoe with an extremely stylish finish. When the time comes to dig in your feet and swing, the SP-6 II offers supreme traction with the next generation T@C5 with Nike Power Channel outsole technology.

All of this is wrapped in a premium, full-grain leather and protected by Nike Sympatex All Weather waterproofing technology, resulting in a footwear experience that is comfortable, dry and extremely reliable. Size availability is 7 through to 13, half sizes from 8-11, SRP £110, €160, SEK 1,595.

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