Nike ACG’s Women’s Trail Collection

Minima Stretch Jacket
 The Minima Jacket uses Nike proprietary Gore Paclite fabric, making it not only waterproof and breathable but incredibly lightweight. Its ability to perform come rain or shine is complemented by a hood that packs into the collar and vents under the arms. You can also listen to your iPod while hitting the trail roads with an inner storage/audio pocket built into the core of the jacket.

Vertical Shell
The Vertical Shell is a hand crafted piece all the way through to the detailed print on its inside, yet its designed to perform across all manner of environments. The Nylon Ripstop fabric consists of 30 denier stretch 2.5 layer Storm-FIT makes the Vertical Shell the perfect spring/summer choice of trail wear.
Lux Softy Full Zip Jacket
The major feature of the Lux Softy Full Zip Jacket has to be its fleece outer. The long hair fleece provides an increased level of airspace that the body naturally heats while you wear it, meaning self insulation. In addition, a nylon microfibre Ripstop is incorporated to give the piece extra durability. The adjustable neck allows for changeable conditions and styles.
Destiny Half Zip Top
Throw this over your head and you will be able to set about your environment knowing the Destiny Half Zip Top will provide breathability and great insulation thanks to its double sided brushed stretch chamois Therma-FIT fleece. The elegant simplicity of this piece is summed up by a single stash pocket on the arm.
Women’s Nike Wildledge
Almost 20 years ago Nike ACG produced the Wildwood, one of its most successful shoes and the source for much of the inspiration behind the Nike Wildledge. The shoe is high on performance thanks to an air bag in the heel, breathability through the synthetic upper and sticky rubber for grip. The shoe also boasts a considered adhesive that does not include a solvent, making it an environmentally preferable piece.
Women’s Valenka LE
The Valenka boot features vegetable dyed leathers insulated by faux fur lining and elegant stitching details on the outside. The construction in the midsole has been focused on maintaining puddle proof protective system that will ensure feet are kept warm and dry. The webbing feature binding the outsole is designed to be cut upon the expiry of the boot to facilitate the recycling process, while ensuring glues need not be used in construction.