Nikwax Launches the World’s Best Performing Hydrophobic Down: NHD+

 Nikwax Hydrophobic Down+ is the first and only 10,000 minutes hydrophobic down.

 Nikwax is proud to set a new standard in high performance, PFC-free insulation materials. NHD+ exceeds 10,000 minutes of shake time on the IDFB 18A Hydrophobic Shake Test. That is 7 days of constant exposure to water. 

Why down items lose their insulating properties when they get wet 

Non-hydrophobic down gear doesn’t just get wet from rain and snow. For experienced trekkers and mountaineers, condensation from perspiration in cold conditions will be a key reason they are getting cold and wet in their down gear. 

The complex structure of down allows air to be trapped between filaments. This trapped air acts as an insulating barrier which keeps the wearer warm in cold, dry conditions. When down gets wet it clumps together and it no longer insulates effectively because air cannot be trapped by the down’s filaments. Furthermore, because water conducts heat away from the body up to 25 times faster than air, wet down gear will accelerate cooling leaving the user cold, wet and uncomfortable. 

Why choose NHD+ 

NHD+ is an evolution of Nikwax Hydrophobic Down that remains water repellent over 10x longer. NHD+ has a flexible Durable Water Repellent (DWR) finish on each individual down filament which means that even after 7 days of constant exposure to water, it retains its natural structure and maintains insulation. This increases the range and extremity of conditions down items can be used in and means that whether camping at altitude, alpine trekking or mountaineering, NHD+ will keep the user warmer and drier, whatever the conditions. 

Gear filled with NHD+ also lasts longer than conventional down gear as the down doesn’t absorb water and therefore is less susceptible to microbial action which can weaken the materials. The efficacy of NHD+ filled gear can be renewed and maintained in a washing machine using Nikwax Down Wash Direct. Like all Nikwax products, NHD+ is PFC free, proving that the best performing technology can also be environmentally friendly. 

 Nikwax Hydrophobic Down+ is chosen by Haglöfs and NOMAD 

 Leading outdoor brands, Haglöfs and NOMAD, have partnered with Nikwax and will now be using NHD+ in their down gear – proudly using the world’s best performing hydrophobic down. 

“Haglöfs is focused on high performance, and driven by sustainability, like Nikwax. When we heard about Nikwax Hydrophobic Down+ with the improved shake time of 10,000 minutes – it felt like a natural choice for us. We know the performance of NHD+ will mean a lot to our customers, who can now stay out for even longer. To work with a company that is also driven by sustainability is a perfect match for Haglöfs”. 

– Jenny Spiik, Textile Designer from Haglöfs 

Nature’s best insulator, made better 

Nikwax has taken nature’s best insulator and made it even better. NHD+ is the highest performing hydrophobic down treatment available on the market. NHD+ is PFC-free and is only available in with Responsible Down Standard (RDS) and Traceable Down Standard (TDS) certified down. Look out for the NHD logo on brand partner sleeping bags and down jackets from Therm-A-Rest, Rab, Ayacucho and, from AW 2020, NOMAD and Haglöfs.