Ocean Seven Swim challenge comes into vision

Irishman Steve Redmond is edging closer to achieving his goal of becoming the first person in the world to complete the astonishing Ocean Seven Swim Challenge

Since starting in 2009 he has completed four of the epic swims that make up the Challenge-the English, North and Catalina Channels and the Straits of Gibraltar- and this February he has successfully swum the Cook Strait off New Zealand and the Molokai Channel off Hawaii.  

The Hawaii swim was particularly gruelling, totalling 67.5 km because of tides and taking over 22 hours. Steve left the water at the China Walls, a highly dangerous and rocky coastline that no-one has ever exited from before because it is so perilous. The final swim across the Tsugaru Strait off Japan is scheduled for June and, when complete, Steve will have notched up over 204 km to become the first person to swim across all seven of these open waters.  

Steve has had to overcome cold water, currents, large swells, jelly fish, sharks, whale and squid and enduring sickness and cramps. He says of the latest two swims “Completing two such different swims in quick succession, with their varied temperatures and physical hazards, really took it out of me.

The very long Hawaii swim, where I was joined by humpback whales the whole time, was particularly exhausting and I collapsed into shock on completion. I estimate this swim took 73,920 strokes. I am now preparing for the final swim and hope to complete that in June to become the first person in the world to finish the Ocean Seven Challenge.”