Optimise your mental game and physical performance

Q-Link has introduced the Q-Klip, based on the G-Clip five-in-one golf tool concept. As well as holding a ball marker, divot repair tool, golf tees and a Velcro glove grip, the QKlip has a ball marker that contains Q-Link’s technology, SRT. The Q-Klip is lightweight and securely attaches to your belt or trousers.
Golfers will find that both their mental game and physical performance is optimised when wearing Q-Link technology. They report recovering quicker from poor shots, remaining calmer on pressure shots – particularly on the short game – and improving their concentration throughout all 18 holes of their round. For optimum use it is recommend that you wear a Q-Link pendant.

The Q-Klip was launched at the London Golf Show in April on stand R34. The Q-Klip was only available as a limited edition in the UK. Visitors to the stand will be able to have a ‘stress test’ to see exactly what benefits Q-Link technology can deliver.

The Q-Klip will become the most affordable product in the Q-Link line up retailing at £37.50 (inc VAT) and is an ideal opportunity to try the technology. It will be available from usual stockists and Q-Link’s new golf website www.lowergolfscores.co.uk