Pack Up Your Tent the Right Way & Keep it Performing Better for Longer with STORM


With the camping season drawing to a close it’s time to pack up your tent and put it in storage until the next time.

But after a season of use and abuse, a build-up of dirt and oil can mask the water repellency treatment on the tent fabric, resulting in a reduction of its ability to shed water. So before you pack it away for several months, clean and treat your tent to prevent deterioration of the material; this will keep it performing better for longer – saving you time and money on your next trip!

The leading cleaning, waterproofing and aftercare brand STORM offers a range of products to clean and re-proof your tent to ensure it continues to keep you dry and protected for the next season and beyond.

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STORM’s Tent Cleaner (SRP £8 for a 300ml trigger spray bottle), is suitable for tents, covers and fabric surfaces and is the ideal preparation for a re-proofing treatment. The concentrated spray-on cleaner helps remove general dirt, tree sap or bird lime, without damaging the original waterproof coating.


Once your tent has been cleaned, use STORM’s Brush On Textile Waterproofer (SRP £15 for 1L bottle) to restore its waterproofness. Ideal fortents, awnings, tarps and general covers, the Brush On Textile Waterproofer is a fast drying silicone-free proofer. The non-staining proofer is perfect for both natural and synthetic fibres. Simply paint on and allow your tent to air dry.


STORM’s Tear-AidPatch Pack (SRP £7.50) is ideal to repair tents that have sustained any rips or tears during a trip. The patch pack allows clear and flexible air tight and water tight repairs to be made with ease. Simply clean the area, cut patch, peel and stick! As well as tents, the patch is suitable for clothing, inner tubes, wellies, kites, outdoor gear and much more…

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