PING announce new tour wedges

PING have launched a new Tour-W™ Wedge which, despite its name, is designed to be usable for all standards. The wedges feature a tungsten weight in the toe of the club which increases the moment of inertia and improves forgiveness. The use of this high-density material enables a slightly smaller head for increased playability.
A traditional teardrop shape also allows golfers to be more creative on pitch and chip shots. The new wedge also features a vertical Custom Tuning Port™ which affects centre of gravity and encourages the clubhead to rotate correctly through the swing; while a patented hosel notch controls the bend point, allowing precise loft and lie adjustments.

“The goal behind any wedge we make is to provide the golfer with a club that performs consistently well from the various positions within the scoring zone,” says John A. Solheim, company Chairman and CEO. “The precisely machined face and grooves provide exceptional performance. Players are going to be impressed at the variety of shots these wedges add to their game and take away from their score.”

The Tour-W Wedges will be available in a brushed silver chrome finish in all loft/bounce options and black nickel chrome finish in limited loft/bounce options. Suggested retail price is £90 for steel shafts and £105 for graphite.