Ping in high demand

Early demand for Ping’s new G15 and i15 ranges – which is so far out-stripping the G10 line that was introduced two years ago – has meant the company’s European headquarters in Gainsborough has employed 24 new staff to work on assembly and shipping.

Ping’s site in Lincolnshire now employs a workforce of 170, and as a company renowned for its attention to detail, quality control and rapid turn-around times, over half the workforce is directly involved with the manufacture and shipping of Ping equipment.

 “We have recently recruited an extra 24 people to build and ship product and we see most of these being retained for the foreseeable future,” John Clark, managing director of Ping Europe, tells SGB Golf. “We were always confident we would have a successful launch, but so far the sell-in numbers are exceeding what we achieved with G10 two years ago. We do expect to have some delivery interruptions but we have every confidence in the ability of our supply chain to react to this increased demand and to ensure delays are kept to a minimum.”

While some deliveries times have stretched to as long as two or three weeks recently, Clark also assured SGB Golf that he expects delivery times to return to two or three days in the near future.

Both Ping’s G15 and i15 lines have been subject to widespread acclaim since their August launch.