‘Pocket ashtray’ to keep courses litter-free

With the July 1 smoking ban turning the fairways into the only place where golfers can enjoy their cigarettes, a new product has been launched to keep golf courses free from discarded butts – the Stubbi Golf ‘pocket ashtray’.

The Stubbi will also help golfers avoid heavy fines for dropping cigarette butts in public places. Smokers are now liable for an £80 on-the-spot fine for discarding or stubbing out cigarettes in public.
Endorsed by Major-winner and former Ryder Cup skipper Ian Woosnam, the Stubbi Golf anti-litter pouch contains a fireproof lining which safely and hygienically extinguishes cigarettes, then stores them for disposal later on.

Golfers simply place their cigarette butts inside the Stubbi and close the flap. Within 20 seconds the lack of oxygen extinguishes the cigarette. The pouch holds up to five cigarettes and can be emptied in the nearest bin – leaving the course a litter-free zone. The Stubbi can be reused time and again.

Woosie, who has recently joined the Stubbi campaign, said: “Personally I like to keep it tidy round the green, so keep it tidy and use a Stubbi.”

Stubbi & Co managing director Ian McCormack said: “Golfers will be forced outside the clubhouse which will increase cigarette litter in these areas as well as on the course.

“Forcing smokers outside increases littering, as can been seen around public buildings where smoking has already been banned – so the Stubbi Golf is the perfect way for golfers to continue to enjoy smoking, but also to take responsibility for not littering their course with discarded cigarette butts.

“It’s a problem, as cigarette butts can take up to 20 years to degrade.”

On-the-spot littering fines are enforced under the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act, which has been in force for two years.

The design can be customised, meaning golf clubs and societies can create their own branded Stubbi, while a Stubbi ‘combination’ model is available which also contains special fireproof papers for wrapping chewing gum. Stubbi was granted the UK patent for this in May 2006.

The Stubbi Golf fits neatly into a trouser pocket, golf bag pocket or handbag and costs around £1.50 from Pro shops. Golfers can also buy the Stubbi Golf direct from the company’s website www.stubbi.net for £1.20 including P&P.