Fusion of multiple PrimaLoft technologies create next-level comfort and performance

PrimaLoft, Inc. once again proves its role as a global leader in advanced material technology, with the introduction of the PrimaLoftCross Core Series. This new product platform combines existing PrimaLoft materials with revolutionary new technologies to provide superior product performance. The initial products are fused with Aerogel, which has long been used by NASA scientists in aeronautical applications.  

 PrimaLoft will introduce three new products featuring this technological breakthrough: PrimaLoft Gold Insulation with Cross Core Technology, PrimaLoft Gold Insulation Hi-Loft Ultra with Cross Core Technology and the loose fill PrimaLoftSilver Insulation ThermoPlumewith Cross Core Technology.

“We always try to push the boundaries of material science and the PrimaLoftCross Core series represents a significant advancement in our technological capabilities”, says Jochen Lagemann, Senior Vice President and Managing Director, Europe & Asia. “With this revolutionary fusion of multiple PrimaLofttechnologies, we are able to create products with an advanced level of warmth, comfort and protection that’s higher than ever before. The enthusiastic response in customer adoptions shows that this is the kind of product the market needs right now.”

PrimaLoft® Gold Insulation with Cross Core™ Technology

Conventional wisdom has always meant that thicker is better, but PrimaLoft continues to push the limits of lightweight warmth with PrimaLoftGold Insulation with Cross Core Technology. This latest insulation fuses PrimaLoftGold Insulation, the benchmark in performance synthetics, with Aerogel technology, the gold standard in lightweight thermal protection, to reach previously unattainable levels of warmth, in various conditions. PrimaLoft Gold Insulation with Cross Core Technology can provide up to 52% more warmth with the same weight, compared to PrimaLoft Gold Insulation. This allows PrimaLoft customers to achieve both enhanced warmth and decreased weight. PrimaLoft Gold Insulation with Cross Core Technology also contains 35% post-consumer recycled (PCR) content.

PrimaLoft® Gold Insulation Hi-Loft Ultra with Cross Core™ Technology

When an insulation loses loft, it loses warmth. Thanks to a unique accordion-like construction, PrimaLoftGold Insulation Hi-Loft Ultra with Cross Cord Technology provides unending loft and quick compression recovery for long-lasting, lightweight warmth. Adding Aerogel technology to the vertically-lapped PrimaLoft fibres provides unmatched warmth without the weight wear after wear, while featuring 25% PCR content.

PrimaLoft® Silver Insulation ThermoPlume® with Cross Core™ Technology

Building on the great success of PrimaLoftBlack Insulation ThermoPlumeover the last few years, PrimaLoftSilver Insulation ThermoPlumewith Cross Core Technology represents the next level of warmth in loose-fill synthetic insulation. By fusing each individual fibre of the small, silky plumes with Aerogel technology, this insulation delivers the aesthetic and performance of natural down with up to 12% more warmth compared to previous PrimaLoft Black Insulation ThermoPlume. This loose-fill insulation is also highly compressible and durable, with a water-repellent finish to ensure wet weather protection.

Aerogel – aeronautical material for outdoor-apparel

Originally developed by NASA for use in aeronautical applications, silica Aerogel is a highly porous, low-density structure that forms a temperature barrier which locks out cold and heat. Aerogel is composed of more than 95% air and is the lightest solid material known to man and one of the most effective insulation materials. PrimaLoft engineers have found a unique way to integrate Aerogel material into specific fibres, allowing PrimaLoft to develop apparel insulation built to withstand the extreme challenges of outdoor garments.

 For Peak Performance, the PrimaLoft® Cross Core™ technology brings lots of benefits. Eva Füting, Senior Designer at Peak Performance says: “Spending a full day on the slopes can be challenging for a skier. You get exposed to harsh conditions at the same time as the sun might shine and you reach a temperature far above the freezing point. You are going from being active riding down the slopes to sitting still in the ski lift during the way up to the top of the mountain. The Peak Performance Velaero collection manages to withstand these conditions by using in addition to design features, the new PrimaLoftSilver Insulation ThermoPlumewith Cross Core technology, featuring Aerogel.”

 Dynafit is also convinced by the new innovation. Sibylle Egele, product manager at Dynafit says: “For our products, we are always looking for materials with a minimum of weight. Our new FT Insulation Jacket is definitely our warmest PrimaLoft product in the range. With PrimaLoft Gold Insulation Hi-Loft Ultra with Cross Core™ Technology, we could not only imitate the warmth of natural down but also the look and feel. The PrimaLoftCross Core technology adds another level of warmth efficiency to the great performance of PrimaLoft products.”

 More than 30 brands using PrimaLoft® Cross Core™ Series

For the winter season 2019/20, more than 30 brands have already adopted the new PrimaLoft® Cross Core™ technology in their collection. These brands include 4F, 8848, adidas originals, Aigle, Bergans, Dainese, Dynafit, ESKA, Halti, Johaug, La Sportiva, Lundhags, Maloja, Martini, Montane, Mountain Hardware, Norröna, Peak Performance, Ping, POC, Quiksilver, Reusch, Roeckl, Stellar Equipment andSwix among others.