Q-Link add four bracelets

Q-Link have responded to necklace-haters by creating four bracelets, all with their pendant’s energy-enhancing SRT3 technology.

The range consists of men’s and women’s stainless steel, plus titanium polished and titanium black ceramic. In order to fit into a smaller area, the SRT3 technology seen in the reverse of the pendant has been condensed into two SRT3 wafers that sit on either end of the bracelet.

“Over the years a lot of golfers have been reluctant to wear a necklace,” explains Kristina Locke, Sales and Marketing Director. “With the new bracelets we know that we can reach a whole new set of golfers who will feel more at ease wearing one of our new bracelets.”

Q-Link maintain the SRT3 technology strengthens and balances the body’s energy system by improving communication between the body’s trillions of cells.

The Q-Link bracelet will retail from £55.