Reef target Outdoor industry with new product

Reef Targets The Outdoor MarketReef are set to target the outdoor industry with new styles geared specifically for the outdoors while also leveraging it’s reputation as the surf, travel and adventure brand.

Spring ‘16 brings in a mix of Reef’s heritage woven patterns with Swellular Technology, combining function and fashion for the traveling surfer, festival enthusiast, and all-around adventurer.

The most notable upgrade for the Spring 2016 line is the outsole of the new Reef Rover XT. Reef’s designers have created a more effective traction profile with deeper grooves for better performance and protection overall – hiking down to the local surf break or ‘Just Passing Through’ new territory.

Reef has also added the Rover XT sandal, a versatile cage sandal fusing comfort and style. This transitional style is meant to look as good on the beach or trail as it does walking through the city, and is packed with the support and traction of Reef Swellular Technology.

The Rover collection was first introduced in 2015 introducing Swellular Technology as the new innovation in both sandals and closed toe shoes.

For Spring ’16 the brands ‘Just Passing Through’ marketing campaign is set in Bali, providing a backdrop for a cool and carefree style and demonstrating how the footwear can handle the versatility of terrain.

In a crowded outdoor market, Reef believes its surf travel heritage and Rover offering will allow them to stand out. “Surf is still the No. 1 priority for us long term,” said Reef VP of Marketing Mike Matey. “For growth we need to expand into other categories that make sense for Reef and we think the next closest thing is that outdoor world.”

Reef General Manager Nathan Hill says, “In the EMEA we are seeing more and more retailers look at themselves as ‘Outside’ rather than just Outdoors – the difference allowing them to open up much more into the lifestyle channel with outside, and the passion of being active whatever the activity. Whether it be hiking, climbing, Skiing or Surfing, they all involve the elements that share a common bond, that of travel and adventure…Just Passing Through”

After launching earlier this year, the Rover sandal is a top three sandal styles in men’s and is the No. 1 men’s footwear style. In women’s, the Rover is a top five footwear style.