Rosker clarifies SteriPEN situation

Outdoor distributor clarifies SteriPEN situation with regard to availability and supply to an online discount retailer

Rosker has moved to advise its customers that SteriPEN water purification products will now be available direct from Hydro-Photon’s SteriPEN Europe operation, and that Hydro-Photon has not reached an agreement to sell products through a discount internet retailer.

Last month, Rosker said it would be stopping distribution of SteriPEN into the UK and Ireland after raising concerns about plans to supply the UK division of an online discount retailer and the affect it would have on its customers.

In response to questioning at the time, a SteriPEN spokesman told SGB Outdoor it would initially service the UK market from SteriPEN Europe while it assessed the potential for a direct presence in the UK, as it has in some other European markets.

In a statement released today (July 5), Rosker said: “Rosker would now like to advise its customers that the SteriPEN product line will continue to be available on a direct basis through Hydro-Photon’s SteriPEN Europe facility. Interested retailers may contact with any questions related to direct purchasing opportunities.

“Rosker regrets any misunderstanding, as stated in the June 15 press release, that Hydro-Photon would ‘sell its products through the UK division of one of the world’s leading internet discount retailers’, as it now acknowledges that Hydro-Photon has not yet reached an agreement to supply this retailer’s UK division.”

Rosker managing director Ralph White said: “As I commented in the June 15 press release, we have enjoyed representing SteriPEN and have built up the brand to become one of the leading water purification brands in the UK and Irish outdoor markets.  We wish SteriPEN continued success in their future efforts in these markets.”