Safety innovation is ISPO winner

Avalanche Float Solutions Gmbh, a company focusing on improving safety in the outdoors, will introduce ISPO award winner Resero XV™ and ISPO brand new finalist Resero Whistle™, at ISPO tradeshow, Munich, Feb 5-8.

The team behind Resero Whistle™ and Resero XV™, two innovative and awarded safety products dedicated to outdoor enthusiast, will be exhibiting at ISPO Munich.

Chosen as ISPO brand new finalist, Resero Whistle™ is a wearable device made for extreme conditions that can easily be activated in the event of an accident by pulling the handle. Once activated, it sends vital information with your exact GPS coordinates, and important pre-entered medical data to the professional rescue team responsible for that area and to your friends nearby.

In addition to existing GSM networks, Resero Whistle™ uses its own LoRaWAN™ network developed in collaboration with Everynet to cover signal blackspots. Resero Whistle™ saves lives by providing immediate, precise information allowing rescue teams to locate and assist an injured or lost party without delay.  Finalist of ISPO Brand New, Resero Whistle™ will be exhibited and presented in Hall B5 booth BN-45.

Winner of the ISPO Award, Resero XV™ is a compact system compatible with all snowboard bindings which allows a rider to instantly release his/her bindings, and therefore snowboard, if caught in an avalanche. By releasing his/her snowboard the rider greatly increases their chances of survival by avoiding the “Anchor effect”, making it more likely that they will remain on top of the avalanche, especially when used in conjunction with an ABS-Airbag, helping to avoid suffocation or crushing.

Developed in conjunction with ABS-Airbag the Resero XV™ will be visible Hall A3 at ABS-Airbag booth.

A collaboration with the Technical University of Munich (TUM)  led by Dr. Veit Senner has commenced in order to finalize a similar ski solution, which will be introduced to market at a later stage.

Tracy Hopkins Chief Commercial Officer at Everynet said: “We are very pleased to partner with Avalanche Float Solutions, these exciting and revolutionary new products will take LoRaWAN into a new vertical that will add significant value to outdoor enthusiasts by actively contributing to safety and by providing piece of mind to consumers.”