Satisfy your thirst on any Trail!

Platypus® knows water isn’t the only thing you’ll need or want on the trail so it has reinvented its all-mountain (AM) and cross-country (XC) mountain bike hydration packs to fit everything you need comfortably and efficiently on your back.image024

The Platypus® All Mountain (A.M.) Series as well the Cross Country (X.C.) Series stand out due to their new and unique back panels. The FloatAir™ System of the All Mountain backpacks feature a highly breathable mesh which is tensioned over a lightweight wire frame, floating the pack over your back and optimizing cooling airflow. The Cross Country Series’ feature a RidgeAir™ back panel which combines ridged foam and lightweight, breathable mesh to ensure cooling airflow and carrying comfort.

The new hydration packs are available in two sizes each, as well as a women specific model. The Platypus® Duthie™ A.M. 15.0 and Duthie™ A.M. 10.0 offer ample internal storage, plus external carry options for body armor and full-face helmets for big days on the trail. Tokul™ X.C. 8.0 and the Tokul™ X.C. 5.0 cross country packs meet minimalist riders’ demands for lightweight solutions to carrying just the essentials. New women’s-specific Siouxon™ and B-Line™ are the result of amulti-year effort to refine fit characteristics to address common fit issues.The ergonomic pack shape and shoulder straps suit a woman’s body perfectly.

All back packs include the low-profile Big Zip™ LP 3.0L reservoir for taste-free, BPA-free hydration. The premium reservoir comes with an easy-to-clean wide-mouth opening and a low-profile design that fits the back panel of any pack. Silver-ion antimicrobial keeps the water fresh.image025

About Platypus®
Seattle-based Platypus has been the market leader in flexible and modular hydration products for over a decade, designing easy-to-use, taste-free products for optimum performance. Unmatched versatility and quality define Platypus’s BPA- and phthalate-free bottles, hands-free hydration systems, weatherproof hydration packs and the GravityWorks™ pump-free, fast-flow gravity water filter system. The majority of Platypus products are made in the Seattle, U.S.A. and Cork, Ireland manufacturing facilities. For more information, visit