Save Your Damaged Tent – & Money, with STORM’s TEAR AID Repair Patch

Don’t let a damaged tent ruin your camping trip! If you’re planning a last minute camping trip this summer, but notice your tent has a rip or tear, then STORM’s TEAR-AID offers the perfect solution to save your tent – and your money!

There is no need to abandon your trip or buy a new tent. STORM’s TEAR AID is ideal to repair tents that have sustained any rips or tears.

Retailing at just £7.50, the patch allows clear and flexible airtight and watertight repairs to be made with ease. Simply clean the area, cut patch, peel and stick – no messy glue needed!

Extremely durable, the TEAR AID can last for several years, saving you the expense of having to buy a new tent. Small and portable, it’s also ideal to take with you in case tent damage occurs during a camping trip.

As well as tents, TEAR AID is also suitable for clothing, sleeping mats, inner tubes, wellies, kites, outdoor gear and much more…

For larger areas of damage, STORM offers the larger standard pack.