SealSkinz to supply MoD

Sock manufacturer signs four-year deal to supply Ministry of Defence

SealSkinz has signed a four-year, £1.6m deal to supply the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) with waterproof socks.

The first batch of socks will be issued to troops serving in Afghanistan in October.

SealSkinz said the knee length socks will help to keep troops’ feet dry when they are wading through water-filled ditches and streams. The socks have antimicrobial properties which are similar to those found in medical dressings to keep feet hygienic. They are also said to be warmer than conventional socks, which will help keep feet warm during the cold winter months.

The socks use a technology that combines a waterproof breathable membrane layer into a close fitting thermal sock. All the socks have an inner layer of high wicking, antimicrobial Merino wool to provide comfort and warmth together with an outer layer of nylon and elastane to offer durability, low absorption and fast drying.

Colonel Stephen James, defence clothing team leader for Defence, Equipment and Support, said: “These new socks will be a real asset to our troops. They are warm and offer complete protection against the wet, which is essential when the tactical situation doesn’t allow a pause to change into dry socks after wading.

“They will greatly help our forces to focus on the job in hand.”

Andrew Dahl, managing director of SealSkinz, said: “We are delighted to be awarded this contract. It has come about following significant development work and helps to demonstrate the real benefits of what is a unique and, for many still, an unusual product.”