Sebago’s Performance Marine Footwear

Not what you might expect to see in the Outdoor pages of SGB, Sebago’s product is included because of its potential crossover appeal.Many fans of the great outdoors love sailing, be it on lake or sea, and the footwear is multi-functional while being designed for optimum performance at sea.
Katie Rimmer, European Marketing Manager for Sebago: “These days consumers want to be seen not only in fashion trend footwear, but also want technical design and performance which shows that they are serious about getting active. Sebago’s designs from the Performance Marine Collection in particular demonstrate how this can be achieved using traditional tried and tested materials in progressive colours and designs.

“Technology has advanced in such a way so that fabrics such as Lycra and mesh can allow the wearer to feel comfortable in such footwear even when they are not relying on them for grip and stability during outdoor activities. Sebago’s heritage and forward thinking attitude produces credible performance, comfort and protection in all weather conditions. So dockside or deckside, the wearer can feel confident yet stylish.”

Sebago’s range includes:

The Torrent Gore – Tex High – These are designed for performance racing under very extreme conditions – Featuring waterproof leather and mesh panels with Gore’s construction.

Sebago performance Marine Footwear is for anyone who requires serious nautical performance and durability from their footwear.

Wave Extreme – Women’s Footwear – The wave extreme is a ventilated athletic marine range of footwear that are performance synthetic material and ventilator mesh uppers with lycra collars for extra comfort.