Self-prescribed exercise programme for golfers now on DVD

For the first time, a golf exercise DVD has been devised to enable the golfer to assess his or her flexibility through a series of simple tests. Whatever joints or muscles are found to be inflexible, the appropriate corrective stretching exercise is demonstrated, creating a self-prescribed personal stretching programme, crucially stretching only the regions of the body that require stretching. A series of ten strengthening exercises specifically for golfers is also included.
The unique BodyGolf Exercise Program has been designed by Chartered Physiotherapist, Steven Harris and endorsed by client, Paul Broadhurst, European Tour and Ryder Cup player. This two disc DVD will neither ask you to alter your swing nor your stance, but merely spend some time carrying out simple exercises that will not only improve your suppleness and strength but improve your swing, distance and accuracy.

We are becoming more aware of the importance of fitness for golfers, but many of us do not have the time available, Harris’s philosophy is, “Why waste your time stretching regions of the body that are already flexible, with this program there is no need. Just test yourself, find out where you need to focus your attention and only do the exercises you need to.”

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