Sherpa Adventure Gear acquired by Bradshaw Taylor and new CEO named

The specialist outdoor company will take over the brand and operations globally

Sherpa Adventure Gear, the once wholly-owned subsidiary of Innov8 Partners, LLC announces today that it has finalised an agreement with UK-based specialist outdoor company, Bradshaw Taylor for the acquisition of the brand and its assets. Bradshaw Taylor will take over operations globally and utilise its expertise to foster continued growth in the outdoor industry internationally. Corry Taylor of Bradshaw Taylor will also be named CEO of Sherpa Adventure Gear with this transition.

Bradshaw Taylor is a family owned business run by Corry Taylor, a passionate advocate of the outdoor industry with over 25 years of success working with and developing outdoor and country brands. Corry and his team were instrumental in the early development of the Sherpa brand, working closely with founder Tashi Sherpa from 2012 through to the 2016 acquisition of Sherpa Adventure Gear by Innov8 Partners, LLC. They are passionate believers in the brand’s mission and purpose of providing educational and employment opportunities to the people of Nepal and are keen to reinforce the brand’s values to elevate this message globally.

“We are thrilled to bring this incredibly special brand into the Bradshaw Taylor portfolio,” says Corry Taylor, CEO of Bradshaw Taylor. “Not only does this brand hold a special place in our hearts, we believe it has amazing potential to do so much more than connect retailers and consumers with amazing products. The essence of the brand is deeply rooted in the Nepalese beliefs, connecting at an emotional level with consumers and helping provide education and employment opportunities to the communities that need them most. We’ve been a part of this journey for quite some time and we are very excited to see how far we can take the brand in the future.

Tashi Sherpa, founder of the brand said of hearing the news, ”My family and I could not be any happier or more grateful in knowing that our beloved brand is now in the worthy hands of my dear friend Corry and his amazing team at Bradshaw Taylor. They are the best at what they do because they care from the heart. The future brims bright for Sherpa Adventure Gear and I am truly excited and honored to still be part of this epic adventure. ‘Tashi Deleg’ and ‘Thoji Chheg’ to the new Sherpa team.”

Bradshaw Taylor will transition Sherpa into its wider family of brands and utilize its experienced international team to expand the capabilities for growth, while delivering exceptional customer service and products to both retailers and consumers. To ensure a seamless transition they will continue their partnership with Innov8 Partners, LLC within North America to conduct certain functions.

About Sherpa Adventure Gear

A small brand can change the world. Sherpa Adventure Gear crafts purposeful gear for all who seek adventure and who care about their impact on the world. With each purchase, you are helping reach our goal by providing opportunities through education and employment in Nepal. Sherpa Adventure Gear distributes its products through specialty outdoor retailers worldwide. For more information, visit


About Bradshaw Taylor

Bradshaw Taylor is an outdoor, country and lifestyle company that brings wonderful products to life for brands and retailers.

At Bradshaw Taylor, we are extremely proud of our partnerships with the very best brands in outdoor and country. Our role is to connect these brands with retailers, working together, to ensure the end consumer has a brilliant experience with our brands.

We are a family business, owned and run by the Taylor family, with Corry Taylor at our helm. Corry started distributing outdoor and country brands over 25 years ago, having taken over Bradshaw Taylor from his father, Mark.

We have been loving the outdoors since 1895 and are proud to be a specialist in the outdoor industry.