Skeltons get fit tips

Helen Skelton reveals her top get fit tips and also discusses why it’s up to women to change things for women’s sport, after statistics claim that around 2 million fewer women regularly exercise than men do in Britain.

As a result of successful campaigns and strong female role models, Skelton feels there’s an energy and enthusiasm behind women’s sport that we’ve never seen before. However in order for the disparity for men and women’s sport to be closed, in terms of coverage and sponsorship, women need to go out and support them.

Skelton said: “I think really it’s up to women to change things if we care about women’s sport. It’s our responsibility to go and support women’s football, tennis, rugby and other sporting teams. It’s up to us to boost it and support the profile.”

Helen Skelton 1

Skelton is a keen athlete and action girl when she’s not presenting on television. She’s taken part in several marathons, and in 2009 she became only the second women to complete the 78-mile Namibian ultra-marathon. Here is her list of fundamental tips to enjoying getting fit.

She added: “If you want to get fit and you’re new to exercise, enlist a friend. I can go for a walk for an hour and a half with my friend and we don’t feel like we’ve exercised or burned any calories, even though we have.”

“People say to me, ‘what do you do for exercise’? Well I have no routine, I just mix it up. So one week we’ll all go to Zumba, one week we’ll all go to body bump, then yoga and so on.

“Get a dog because you have to go out walking every single day and you don’t feel like you’re exercising because it’s fun, you’ve got good company and its very sociable because you talk to other dog walkers.”

Skelton also expressed how useful the Karrimor app is to keeping herself fit, she said: “It’s really rewarding seeing it logged in an app; showing what you’ve done or how far you’ve been, or how many classes you’ve been to. The Karrimor app gives you a real psychological boost. You’re able to condition yourself to think that you’re in the habit of exercising, so you’ll keep doing it.”

Skelton’s most important advice when exercising is to stay safe, especially when running at night, where visibility can be a serious issue. Another vital safety tip is to not run with earphones on, particularly near busy roads.

“Being able to run at night safely with the Karrimor reflect kit on is brilliant. I’m a grown woman but my husband and parents wouldn’t like me running without the right kit on because it’s just not safe, but the reflect kit has totally changed that and because of that kit I feel I’m able to run at night safely.