Skizmo – the ultimate ski accessory!

With the ski season upon us packing up your boots can now be a whole lot quicker with the launch of the Skizmo the ultimate in fast removal of you ski boots. The recently launched product is the brainchild of Luxmi Selvarajah of Airborn Products.

“Skiing is one of my passions,” said Luxmi, but the bit I hate most is coming off the slopes after an exhilarating ski, and struggle to get my boots off. I though there must be an easier way, and set about designing the Skizmo.”

The piece of kit minimises bending and straining and can be used standing up. It’s simple, quick and effective.

The light, portable Skizmo is made from recyclable plastic and is fitted with non-slip rubber foot pads to ensure a secure grip is held between the boots, the Skizmo and the surface it is placed on. “You can pop it in your kit bag, whip your boots off and be enjoying the après ski in record time,” added Luxmi. The Skizmo retails at £34.99.