Sleeping bags that will make you melt this winter!

Stay toasty this winter – with Snugpak’s Softie®, Softie Expansion and Basecamp Winter Sleeping Bags


Snugpak, the UK’s leading sleeping bag and insulated clothing manufacturer, is pushing the boundaries on synthetic fibrefill sleeping bags, with its warmth to weight ratio and user functionality.


Keeping warm in the outdoors is essential to survival. Snugpak’s top five winter sleeping systems will ensure you’re toasty this winter – even in the coldest of temperatures.


The Softie 12 Endeavour (SRP £149.95) model provides comfort and protection for sleeping in temperatures up to -10°C (comfort) and -15oC (low), whilst theSoftie 15 Intrepid (SRP £159.95) can cope with even colder temperatures, up to -15°C (comfort) and -20oC (low).

Both the Softie 12 and 15 benefit from Snugpak’s Softie Premier filling. This enables randomised fine filament to create extra voids and loft in order to trap more warm air, whilst maintaining the same weight as a standard insulation. These bags also benefit from Paratex Steelplate outer and Light inner fabrics, chisel shaped foot box, anti-snag zips and include a Snuggy pillow. All sleeping bags in the Softie range are available in extra-length sizes.

The Softie Expansion range makes use of all the same features as the normal Softie collection, while adding two unique user functions. These sleeping systems allow users to easily expand the width of the bags by up to 12.5cm by simply zipping in the Elasticated Expander Panel (EEP). This not only provides extra room but allows for air circulation should you need it.

Additionally, users are also able to reduce the bags length to minimise cold spaces when sitting or being used by shorter campers. There are two winter weight sleeping bags in the Softie Expansion range. The Expansion 4 (SRP £104.95) has warmth ratings of -10oC (comfort) and -15oC (low), while theExpansion 5 (SRP £122.50) will dip as low as -15oC (comfort) and -20oC (low).


The Softie and Softie Expansion ranges are Snugpak’s flagship sleeping systems showcasing the best features. But If you’re looking for cost saving simplicity that works look no further than the Basecamp Sleeper Expedition(SRP £59.95). This bag will comfortably keep you warm to -12oC, while offering a lower limit of -17oC. The Sleeper Expedition features a super soft internal fabric and a DWR treated outer, all presented in a traditional mummy shape.

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