Soft Spikes

With colour playing such an important role in golf today, the world’s number 1 cleat manufacturer is delighted to announce the addition of four striking new colour styles to its successful Pulsar range of cleats. These unique limited edition cleats will be available from February 2007 in Pink/ Salmon, Blue/Indigo, Red/White and Yellow/Black.
The Pulsar cleat, featuring Softspikes’ proprietary Energised Traction Technology, delivers maximum Traction thanks to a unique 16-component design that reacts to every single movement the golfer makes. As part of the design, flexor knuckles built into the flex point on each of Pulsar’s eight legs offer enhanced strength, responsiveness and more than twice the flexibility of any other cleat on the market, In addition, reinforced arched webbing between each of Pulsar’s legs delivers instant energy every time the cleat is compressed, enhancing traction and providing unmatched stability.

The Pulsar range uses the revolutionary Fast Twist fitting system, a quick insert system that enables easy replacement of golf cleats. Fast Twist locks cleats securely in place by hand with an easy quarter turn and an audible responsive click. Simply Push, Twist, Click and you’re done.

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