Sorel for winter

Joan of Arctic

Function alongside fashion: that’s the effect of the Joan of Arctic boot. Pumps, ankle boots or ballet flats are all very pretty, but in the harsh winter season they rarely succeed in keeping our feet warm. However, thick winter boots often don’t pass the fashion test. We all want warm feet, but we definitely don’t want to look like Santa! Luckily Sorel has this covered, providing you with waterproof, warm and fashionable boots. Affordable Hot Couture!

Rainbou Youth

The wind is slowly getting stronger, leaves are falling down increasingly fast, hats and scarves are spotted everywhere again and the colourful views and pleasant walks in the forest are returning. Autumn is almost back in town! However with this come the unfortunate colds and sniffles. Luckily the new collection of Sorel ensures even the youngest an unencumbered play outdoors this autumn. With these fun and colourful boots, playing outside really can turn into a party!

Snow Commander

The words warm, winter and merriment don’t normally go hand in hand, but this year they don’t have to be a contradiction in terms! It’s possible to let your kids play outside in frosty weather conditions, see them build a giant snowman and play in the snow for a whole afternoon without you having to wipe away their tears afterwards because of their frozen feet. This winter, Sorel is introducing the perfect winter boots for children. Wind- and waterproof and decorated with an adorable picture, these boots not only protect against the freezing weather, but let your kids steal the show as well!