Sun Mountain HUG system comes to the UK

Sun Mountain’s award-winning HUG carrying system bags will be available in the UK in 2008. Sun Mountain took the decision to market the bag in the UK after sales success in the US, which saw the bag named “Editors’ Choice” award in the 2007 Golf Digest Hot List. It was also awarded ”Editor’s Choice” by Golf Illustrated.
The bag is worn like normal with dual shoulder straps, while a third “HUG arm” hugs the waist. According to its designers, the HUG system transfers up to 60% of the weight of the clubs from the golfer’s shoulders to the waist.

“There are no belts, buckles or snaps,” explains Sun Mountain President Ed Kowachek. “The HUG Arm simply fits around your waist in one movement. It can remove 10 to 15 lbs from your shoulders, which makes a game-improving difference.”

Sun Mountain believe the system improves a golfer’s posture as well as energy levels. Research by backpack safety expert Ralph Kester showed that golfers carrying bags with the HUG system walk with their heads forward 4% from vertical, while those carrying without HUG Technology walked with heads forward 25%. The further forward the head tilts, the more weight the neck and shoulder muscles have to support.