Sunderland connect with new branding

Sunderland’s new brand strategy is designed to connect with the golfer’s passion for the game – whatever the weather.
The new branding has been developed by The Big Picture, a marketing and design agency based in Aberdeen and Glasgow.
“It’s not just that people are willing to be out there in the pouring rain or wind; they positively WANT to be,” explained Derek Stewart, Managing Director. “That determination and desire – to win, to improve, or just to carry on playing whatever the weather – captured the special bond golfers have with golf. Our ‘Never weather beaten’ line sums that attitude up. And it sums up the performance features of Sunderland’s range. So it works both ways.”
The new branding will appear on all new products in the AW08 range, and will be supported with stylish new advertising, product catalogue, consumer booklet and point of sale materials.
“Sunderland’s is a unique message,” adds Stewart. “Pretty much every other brand relies on celebrity endorsement and technical detail. Nobody’s connected with the golfer on their terms. Now Sunderland is.”