Superfeet Launches ‘SuperFIT’ Retailer Training Course

superfeet training courseSuperfeet has launched its new bespoke retailer footwear fitting course; SuperFIT.

The new training course replaces Superfeet’s previous training programs, and with courses tailored to key markets including ski & snowboard, run, hike and bike, the new program is suitable for a large variety of retailers operating in the outdoor, sports and leisure markets.

 offers hands on and practical offsite training for retailers and retail staff, providing them with an improved understanding of foot biomechanics and securing the best footwear fitting. With course content adapted specifically to each market sector, the program addresses retailer’s individual requirements, ensuring staff receive advice and guidance best suited to their own products and customers.

SuperFIT delivers the practical elements of fitting and fine-tuning skills, allowing staff to better explain to their customers what they can expect with their footwear.

The course, which runs over one or two days is delivered by Superfeet’s expert training staff, as well as certified Pedorthist Colin Martin, who has over 27 years’ experience in fitting all types of footwear.

The cost of SuperFIT will be course specific, ranging from £50-£75 per head. For existing customers Superfeet offers an Equal Value Program, whereby they will give the retailer the RRP value in Superfeet products, equivalent to the value of the course. New customers will be offered a course fee deduction from any order if they wish to open an account.

James Clark, UK Sales Manager for Superfeet, comments: “Footwear departments are the engine room for many of our outdoor, run, winter sports and sports retailers, so it’s crucial for staff to provide knowledge and service that can’t be achieved online. Offering a wide ranging footwear fitting solution doesn’t have to be about sales, it has to focus on service and the customer’s comfort. Of course this usually leads to greater sales in insoles, socks and cleaning/protection products too, as usually some, if not all, of these components add benefits to the fit, comfort and performance of specialist footwear.”

He added, “With SuperFIT, we strive to provide a non-biased industry inclusive training program that helps staff engage with customers and explain the benefits of better fitting footwear. Usually we find this builds customer loyalty, recommendations and ultimately sales across all areas of our retail partners. We found that some previous training by ourselves and others was too heavily focused on foot biomechanics and dependent on watching a screen for large parts of the day.”