TaylorMade unveil new Burner fairways and hybrids

TaylorMade’s new generation of Burner fairway woods and Rescue hybrids both come in two versions.
The High Launch is engineered to make it easy to launch the ball on a towering flight at average swing speeds; the Tour Launch has its CG closer to the face promoting a lower, penetrating flight for skilled players with higher swing speeds. With the hybrids, the High Launch has a slight draw bias while the Tour Launch promotes a slight fade. All four versions feature Dual Crown technology, in which the crown is smaller than the large sole. Weight saved allows improved CG location and thinner club walls.
The new range also uses a Triangular Burner head shape. This allows a deeper CG location, designed to make it easier to find the desired trajectory. Both High Launch and Tour Launch incorporate TaylorMade’s SuperFast technology.
Burner High Launch Rescue Hybrids come in five lofts: 2 (17°), 3 (19°), 4 (22°), 5 (25°) and 6 (28°) while Burner Tour Launch Rescue hybrids come in three lofts: T2 (18°), T3 (20°) and T4 (23°). Both the Burner Rescue High Launch and Burner Rescue Tour Launch will retail at £129 or e159.
Three Burner High Launch fairway woods are available: 3 (15°), 5 (18°) and 7 (21°) woods, and three Tour Launch fairway woods: TS (Tour Spoon) (13°), T3 (14.5°) and T5 (17.5°). These will retail at £149 or e199.