Teaming up for success

Face Forward Technologies has acquired Hamilton putters and introduced the f2 Hamilton Series Putters at the 2007 PGA Merchandise Show in Florida. Rick Hamilton had been custom fitting and designing putters for PGA Tour pros and major manufacturers for 18 years before he decided to design the first ever Hamilton Putter.
After testing the new putter with some of the Tour Pros, Hamilton approached the f2 Golf Team because of the overwhelming success they had with their f2 Series Wedge and began working with them on his new design. “f2 Golf is all about the scoring zone,” said Jeff Peterman, co-designer of the f2 Series Wedge. “We want to make the game easier and more enjoyable for players at all skill levels. We immediately saw the benefit of Rick’s putter design and knew it would be a perfect fit with our wedges and irons. We’re excited about adding the Hamilton Series of Putters tour family here at f2 Golf. This new putter along with the new Plus Series Irons and Wedges we’re introducing in 2007 are going to help a lot of people start playing their best golf.”