Tenson MPC Extreme – Maximising The Lifespan Of Fabrics

The 3-layer MPC Extreme Dermizax material is a top performing waterproof fabric used for Tenson’s most specialised lines, featuring a highly efficient waterproof membrane with maximum breathability. It is well known for being one of the most durable fabrics on the market. A regular Tenson MPC garment, depending on the style, fabric and MPC level, could keep its wind-and-waterproofness and breathability for 6-10 years or more, the 3-layer MPC Dermizax can last even longer if it is well taken care of!

“The top of the Ski collection is based around the 3-layer MPC Extreme Dermizax material which is still a key story for us. The palette in ski focuses on darker mutes like dark navy, dark green, dark wine, amber, & classic white, and you’ll recognise some older Tenson prints pushing back through from older collections.” CATHARINA CARLANDER, DESIGN MANAGER