Tesco SKI range – yet more competition…

As if Tesco weren’t entering quite enough markets outside of groceries, the company is now offering a range of three products for protecting the skin and lips while skiing.
Billing the products as ‘keeping down the cost’ of skiing, the new Tesco SKI range offers two face products – factor 15 and 25 – in pocket-size 40ml tubes, plus the Tesco SKI Lip Protection Stick SPF 25. They apparently provide both photostable protection against burning UVB rays, as well as superior five-star protection against ageing UVA rays.
“UV light is reflected from surfaces like water and snow so the intensity of the sun’s rays bouncing off a brilliant white snowy mountainside and onto your face can be as much as doubled,” says Dr Joe Walls – a plastic surgeon who specialises in skin photoaging, and a member of the Tesco Health Counsel. “That’s why it’s really important to ensure that you use a good quality sunscreen on a winter sports holiday – one that offers high protection and has good moisturising qualities to combat the drying effects of the cold air and wind.”