Teva launches ‘10mm’ barefoot sandal

Adventure footwear specialist claims Zilch is ‘first genuine barefoot sandal on the market’

Teva has launched the Zilch, a light and flexible shoe which it claims is the ‘first genuine barefoot sandal on the market’.

Teva said the 7oz Zilch puts barefoot runners just 10mm from the ground, ‘giving you an amazing sense and feel for every surface you travel over’.

It features Teva’s super-sticky Spider Rubber outsole with a toughened soft-core mid sole. Teva said the flexible nature of the Zilch means that you can actually roll it up, making it the ideal footwear for those who travel light.

The topsole is crafted from slow recovery material, and n use feet mould into the sandal and wearers get to ‘feel’ the shoe according to their unique combination of weight, stance and gait, Teva said. T added that this sinking action works with an outsole which wraps around the foot, to give a superior level of stability that also ensures the sandal stays firmly in place when you need it most.

A Teva spokesperson said:  “The Zilch is the perfect balance of Teva heritage, hi-tech functionality and fashion styling, making it the perfect sandal with which to set free your inner adventurer.”

The Teva Zilch will reach retailers in March.